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Mad Scientist Running

Where passion for amateur athletics meets a powerful mission for Medical Science advocacy!
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Where passion for amateur athletics meets a powerful mission for lab Awareness!
Welcome to Mad Scientist Running...

I’m Laura Gary, the mad scientist and amateur athlete at the heart of this journey, embodying positivity and purpose at every step. I challenge you to find someone who loves being a Medical Laboratory Scientist more than I do! 
I’ve completed over 20 half marathons, more than 11 full marathons, a 100k ultra marathon, and a sprint-triathlon. Future goals stretch way beyond any finish line. Over the next two years, I aim to run a marathon in every state, all in the pursuit of raising awareness for the Medical Laboratory Science profession.
Through speaking engagements and sponsorships, I plan to travel the country, shining a spotlight on this often-overlooked discipline of healthcare. By sharing my story and journey, I hope to inspire the next generation while cultivating supportive community engagement. Join me on this incredible adventure where Laboratory Awareness meets Marathon Resilience!
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Why am I doing this?
What is A Mad Scientist Running?

Sixteen years ago, my life changed when I joined a professional organization as a Medical Technologist, now known as a Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS) or Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS), depending on the state. As a single mother of four, this career was a beacon of hope, allowing me to provide for my family and indulge in my passion for patient care. Every day, doctors rely on my work for diagnosing and treating patients, which has become a personal mission of mine to ensure excellence in every result I release.

My career, often unseen, has been the greatest adventure, filled with the joy of discovery and the satisfaction of impact. I've dedicated myself to enlightening others about this vital yet underappreciated field, drawing parallels between the perseverance in marathon training and the dedication needed in this profession. It's about more than reaching a goal; it's about the journey, the challenges, and the growth along the way.

Through years of working across diverse settings and leading teams, I've honed skills that parallel those needed in endurance sports—discipline, adaptability, and a continuous thirst for knowledge. My technical prowess in the lab mirrors the analytical approach required for effective marathon training, from optimizing body mechanics to understanding nutrition and recovery strategies.

My leadership is not just about setting goals but also about fostering a community, much like the camaraderie found in marathon training groups. I aim to be a mentor, advocating for this career path as a calling filled with purpose and the opportunity to make a difference.
In essence, my journey is about bridging the past and future, ensuring this profession receives the recognition it deserves, and preparing a new generation to carry this legacy forward.

My commitment is to this profession and to the continuous pursuit of excellence, paralleled by the journey of an endurance athlete striving for personal milestones.
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Half Marathons (13.1 miles)


Full Marathons (26.2 miles)

Ultra Marathon/100k (62 miles)


Spartan Trifecta
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2024 Races 

Join Laura on this incredible adventure where Laboratory Awareness meets Marathon Resilience, and together, let's make strides towards a healthier, more informed future.

Spartan Trifecta


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Mad Scientist Running

Dedicated to a secret gem of a career for 16 years, I'm here to light the way for future pioneers.

My path blends the grit of endurance with the power of learning, aiming to ignite a passion for a field that transforms lives.

Let's inspire together. Explore, embrace, and join the journey. 

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